72 ea...X3™ Reflective Markers...$.99 each (Optic Orange)


-X3™ 48"x 5/16" Reflective Markers.


-72 markers @ $71.28.....only $.99 per marker. 
 (Sold in full cases of 72).


-High quality fiberglass.


-5/16" ( .3125") diameter.....over 50% more mass than 1/4" markers. 5/16" = easier to see and  "stiffer", which eases installation and increases durability.


-3 seperate peices of highly reflective tape for maximum nighttime visibility. (Visible at any angle).


-Bottom end has a "pencil" or tapered tip which allows it to easily penetrate the ground.


-Top end has a high impact plastic cap.....1" long x 3/8" diameter (will not rust, scratch resistant, large diameter to add in "hammer" installation).


-Your choice of "Optic Yellow" or "Optic Orange".


-Both colors are a "deep/dark" UV resistant color, for maximum visibility- day or night.


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Price $71.28
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